• Diameter Range : M6 to M16 by Cold Forging
  • Length Range : From 6 mm to 130 mm
  • Raw Material grade used: SAE 1541, 10B21, 15B25, 4140, En18
  • Product Grade: 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 etc.
  • Thread Rolling after Heat Treatment
  • Surface Finish:
  • Zinc Hexavalent plating (Cr+6) with Chrome Passivation ( Blue, Yellow, Green & Black) & Blackening.
  • Zinc Trivalent Plating Cr+3 (Cr+6 Free) in Blue, Yellow & Black Passivation.
  • CNC Machining Facility
  • Centerless Grinding
  • Profile Turning
  • Tapping
  • Micro encapsulation facility.

Forging Unit:

SrnoMachine DescriptionMakeCapacityNo
1One Die Two Blow Cold Forged Part making MachinePolo SinghM161
2Automatic 4 Die, 5 Station Cold Forged Bolt making machineNationalM10Will be installed by June end
3One die two blow Long Length (up to 350mm) machinePolo SinghM16Will be installed
4Automatic Trimming MachinePolo SinghM161
5One die two blow Long Length (up to 100 mm) machineDevendraM121
6Automatic Trimming MachineDevendraM81
7Automatic Flat Thread Rolling MachinePolo SinghM161
8Automatic Flat Thread Rolling MachineDevendraM 101
9M12 Bolt MakerNationalM8-M141
10Circular RollingPolo SinghM81
11M8 Bolt MakerChun zuM8-M10will be installed by march
12Hydraulic PressSamrat2 Ton1


Machine Unit

SrnoMachine DescriptionMakeCapacityNo
1CNC MachinesLMW 4
2Single Spindle Automatic MachinePMT25 mm20
3Single Spindle Automatic MachinePMT42 mm5
4Centerless Grinding MachineBhagwan Sons100 mm2
5Universal Milling MachinePMT 4
6Circular Thread Rolling MachineMTEM302
7Surface GrinderFBD 1
8Tapping Machine M163
9Capstan Machine  3
10Drill Machine0 15
11CNC MachinesLMW 3 new